The Community Time Capsules project was inspired by Andy Warhol’s own Time Capsules—over 610 cardboard boxes he obsessively filled each day for more than a decade, with just about everything that came across his desk. The Community Time Capsules project celebrates Pittsburgh’s rich cultural heritage, both past and present, by documenting its inhabitants’ stories and by collaborating with artists, educators and the community who value the region’s heritage as the building blocks for the future. Project participants from the western Pennsylvania region and from around the world mined their homes, museums, synagogues, churches, and community centers gathering personal and historical objects that provide us a window into local immigrant culture. Our plans for this project is to be a tool for educators, community researchers and interested public and be a catalyst for dialogues and study about our shared cultural heritage. This is by no means the whole story; your contribution is invaluable to our American story. Read more about the project.